Friday, July 25, 2014

Florida Blog Hop June 25-27

Welcome to the Sunshine State! Enjoy yourself as you take a tour around our wonderful large state! Grab some freebies along the way, and be sure to enter to win our Bundles of Sunshine!

I live in Deltona, Florida which is located in Volusia County.  There really isn't anything special about Deltona other than the fact that it has over 90,000 residents!  It is just one great big residential community filled with houses, stores, schools, and more get the point, right?  

So why does my family stay here?  Well, because Deltona is close to everything!  That's right!  Drive 30 minutes west and you are in Orlando and all of it's glory.  Drive 30 minutes east and you run into the ocean!   I think it's perfect!  

I first moved to Deltona in 1984 from Ohio.  I was only 14 years old back then.  Shhh!  Don't tell anyone how old I am.  Then after I married my husband Al, I had to move to NC where he was stationed in the Marine Corps.  Al and I lived in NC for over 13 years.  Then his parents became ill so we packed up and relocated back to good old Deltona in 2003 in order to assist with their care.  Since then we have established our educational careers, raised our children here, and eventually plan on retiring here.  If you need me, I'll be out by the pool!

This weekend, we have freebies for you to enjoy! Stop by each of our blogs for an activity or idea to use in your classroom. To grab my freebie from my TpT store, just click the image below!

  This freebie will get you started with covers for each of your INB's that you use in your classroom.  There is one for ELA Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. I've even started an Interactive Notebook Linky Party! I would love for you to share so don't forget to Link up with any and all of your INB ideas here!

In addition, I've placed all of my 2014-2015 Teacher Planners on sale for this weekend only!  I know it's hard to believe that school starts in a few short weeks, but hopefully a pretty but functional planner will help you get the ball rolling!

The Florida teachers below have two fantastic giveaways for you! You can enter once from each one of our pages. All you have to do is follow my blog! Hop around to all the blogs listed below, and be sure to follow them to get more entries. The more entries you have, the more likely you are to win! Each pack also includes a Starbucks gift card (because, well, a teacher's gotta have a coffee!).

Come find out more about the beautiful state of Florida by reading about these other sweet teachers!


  1. My family is from Ohio too! :) My mom says she will never go back. Florida is her sunny forever home! It's great that you're so close to Disney! That must be easy for your kids to just hop over and visit!

    Creativity to the Core

  2. Don't tell anyone either... but I'm one year older than you. :)
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. I want to come hang out by the pool with you!!! I want to I would be a great stay at home mom...without kids. No really...I would!! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'