Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tried it Tuesday Linky

Happy Tuesday!  I'm linking up for the first time with Holly @ Fourth Grade Flipper for her Tried it Tuesday linky.  

I love this linky because, well, I'm TRYING all kinds of new bloggy stuff, and I want to share.  I'm like a kid in a candy shop with all that I am learning how to do.  I know many of you have been blogging for several years now, and I'm just getting started.  I want you all to know that it's because of YOU  that I am able to do anything on here at all!  I have enjoyed reading many of your blogs for about a year now, and I find myself loosing track of who said what, when, where, and how!  I've go to get more organized with that... 

So...I sat down and TRIED to set up a blog of my own.  It was an epic fail for several months.  It's not great now, but it was really bad when I first started.  I would try to link up and things didn't go well.  Then I couldn't figure out how to make my blog look so cute and inviting like all of you have done.  That's when you started posting your new looks!  It really warmed my heart to know that you all needed help from talented blog designers too!  So, I signed up for a blog face lift!  Yea me!!  I'm working with Megan @ A Bird in Hand Designs!  

I couldn't wait for spring break to start so I would have time to just sit around and research blog designs and complete my blog design homework.  That's when I discovered that many of you had blogged about how to blog!  Genius!  That's what you all are!  Just Brilliant!  It is just what I needed.   

I started with Theresa & Robyn over @ Pinkadots Elementary with their calendar of Linky Parties!  I'm TRYING to link up with as many linkys as I can this week.  Thank you so much ladies!  Your Linky Calendar is very helpful!  

My first successful Link up was yesterday with Jen's A Peek at my Week @ Mrs. Laffin's Laughings!   Jen was so nice.  She visited my blog and left a comment!  Yea me again!  Comments really do feel good don't they?  Thank you Jen, for your acknowledgement.  It meant the world.  

Then something amazing happened! I had a second comment from another blogger!  It was so much fun talking back and forth with Alison from Rockin' and Lovin' Learning!  Girl, you made my day!

Alison was so much fun to talk to that I just had to mosey on over and stock her blog!  That is when I realized that I was already following her and I had TRIED something she had blogged about in February!  

Alison linked up with a very good friend of mine in real life, not just blogging life, Joanne @ Head Over Heels for Teaching for her Spark Student Motivation Saturdays!  Alison blogged about breaking the rules and having students stand on their chairs when celebrating things such as birthdays and making 100% on Tests!  I loved it and gave it a TRY!  My students loved it and so did I! 

My last TRIED IT, is that I learned how to use PicCollage at an iPad training I attended last week just before Spring Break started.  I made a few collages to share with you.  

Thanks for letting me share my small blogging accomplishments this week!  



  1. Thanks for sharing the calendar of linky parties! I have been looking for something like that for a while now!

  2. Hi Susan!! You sound just like me when I started on this blogging journey! You're going to love it and won't be able to imagine life without the connections you will make.

    I can't wait to see your blog design by Megan. She does amazing work! AND...I can't believe you know Joanne personally! She is one of my favorite BBB's and I was able to meet her in February! LOVE HER!! I am looking forward to getting to know you better, sharing, and collaborating. Thank you so much for linking up!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Thanks Holly! I'm excited to learn from all of you! I've taught with Joanne, and she was my now 18 year old son's 4th grade teacher! She is fabulous and an inspiration to teachers as well as students!

  3. Woohoo! Awesome, Susan! I'm proud of all your accomplishements this week with your blog. I just started blogging this summer, so I am still learning new things from everyone also. Jessica from Ideas by Jivey has some great "Techy Tips" on her blog that I often go back and re-read just to make sure I am doing bloggy things right. So very helpful! Wow! Thank you for the shout-out! That made my day. I'm glad your kids enjoyed breaking some of the rules for positives. I still crack up when I tell the kids to stand on their chair for the first time. They just look around at each other like I'm crazy! I hope you guys are having better weather down your way than we are having in the Panhandle. It's sunny, but too chilly for me to enjoy outside!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. I feel pretty good about what I accomplished so far this week! I love Jivey's Blog so I will check her out for specific techy tips for Blogging!

      It is sunny here in Central FL, but too chilly to enjoy it so I'm working on school stuff. It is supposed to warm up into the 70's tomorrow! Yea!!