Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Made It -Back to School!

It's the very last Monday before I officially have to report back to school TOMORROW!  Even though I've been working in my classroom everyday for the past week it is sad to me that this is my very last day of summer vacation!  I started several projects this summer and did not complete one!  I blame this epic failure on my weakness for the sun and pool.  They just kept calling my name to come outside and enjoy them, so I did!     

This is why I am so excited to FINALLY link up with Tara for her Monday Made It Linky Party over at 4th Grade Frolics!  I've actually managed to MAKE a few things for my classroom!  WHAT? 


I know, I know, I'm a year or two behind.  In my defense, I've wanted to make these for a couple of years, but when I moved out into Portable Land there just wasn't enough room to utilize them in my classroom.  Now that I am relocating into a nice spacious classroom I have room!  Here's what I did to make them!

First, I went to Home Depot and had two pieces of plywood cut down to fit on the lip of the crate.  I took the crate with me so it was easier for the nice young man to measure and test the fit of each piece he cut!

Next, I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a roll of foam!  I cut the foam into pieces and glued them onto the ply wood using an adhesive spray!

Once I had the foam glued onto the plywood I cut a piece of fabric and then stapled it to the plywood!  I did have to pull the fabric tightly and I tried to fold the corners like a present.  The good news is that NO BODY is going to look at the bottom of the seat!  Yay!



I've been on a Made It roll!  As I was moving into my new classroom I took note as to what I inherited and what I needed to bring.  My new classroom DID NOT have white boards and I had to leave a beautiful magnetic set at my old school since they were purchased with Title I funds...

Then I remembered Joanne from Head Over Heels for Teaching blogged about making your own set of white boards for CHEAP!  You know what that means? Another trip to the hardware store!  This time I went to Lowe's and had a piece of shower board cut into 12x12 inch squares!  My lovely daughter, Elizabeth framed the edges with duct tape! 

I've got ONE MORE!  I need a chair for my Morning Meeting/Read Aloud area, so I decided to paint an old wooden rocking chair that we have moved out of the house and onto the back porch.  It just didn't fit anywhere in our house, and my husband just couldn't part with it.  Too many memories...  I worry about this chair being exposed to the humidity outside.  It belonged to my husband's grandmother, and she, along with my mother-in-law, used it to rock my husband, his brothers, and my children when they were babies. It was perfect for my classroom!!  It stays in the family and it will be put to good use!

I was so excited to paint that I almost forgot to take a before pic...



Lastly, I MADE IT a whole week without my boy!  He left last Monday for Marine Corps Boot Camp.  He will be gone for a total of 13 weeks, and only 12 more to go!  Here is a picture of us before he left.  I am so proud of him and the man he is going to become! Love you Erik!!


  1. You've been busy! I love your rocking's fresh, crisp, and white but has great memories for you!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. I was so excited when I found your blog, because one of my best friends is a 2nd year 4th grade teacher that is in a portable. Disappointed to find out you have a spacious room this year, ha! I bet you're so excited! I've been meaning to make crate seats, but I just submitted a project to Donor's Choose for Hokki stools for my small group table!
    Visit my friend, Kadie @ Fanstachetic Fourth
    Thriving in 3rd
    L. Paull Designs for All

  3. Your crate seats look great - you've been really busy getting ready for school. That rocking chair looks amazing - wish I had one for my classroom! Glad to stumble across your blog today - I'm a new follower!
    Growing Little Learners

  4. Good luck to your son! My son joined the Air Force a year ago. One thing that really kept him going during Basic was his 22 pen pals! My class wrote him friendly letters regularly and he made a point to write them back as often as he could. The students loved it! Good luck to you as well!