Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sneak Peak at My Week (Only 6 More to Go!!)

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I'm going to start my week off with a few end of year motivational ideas from my BBB Joanne.  I am fortunate that I live close to Joanne, and we work together in the same district.  Joanne has so many ideas and great TpT products!  Check out  Joanne's ideas from Head Over Heels for Teaching!  She is absolutely amazing.  If you haven't started following her you need to.  

First on my list is a Motivational Countdown to the Last Day of School!  

I still need to laminate them, but they are printed and ready.  Only 28 school days left!  This is very motivating to me and to my students.  


My school's water contains the highest levels of lead and copper that the EPA deems still safe to drink. HA!  So, I try to encourage my students to bring bottled water from home to drink at school.  I can't afford to give them bottled water daily, but I think I can get them started.  So, I'm going to provide each of my students with a new bottle of water each week for the remainder of the school year that has a motivational tag attached.  Yes, this is one of Joanne's ideas!!  This week I'm going to use, "Brain Juice!" Come back on Friday to see how it went!


I will continue having my students work on making 3D Artifacts in Social Studies.  My 4th Graders are making Calusa Indian Shell tools, jewelry, utensils, or shrine ornaments.  My 3rd Graders are going to start making salt dough maps of the United States highlighting Physical Features.  Hands on and Fun!  Here are a couple of examples.  My students are also required to write a strong description of their artifact.  We are going to display them in the Media Center.  

After That,

I will need to choose a few of the wonderful ideas from the amazing Blog Hop going on this week!:

I've gotten so many ideas I'm not sure which ones I want to start with.  I'll have to think about it as I lay around the pool this afternoon!  Oh Ya!  


I have to finish my DPP (Deliberate Practice Plan).  Ugh...not really looking forward to all the paperwork that goes into this.  I've accomplished so much this year that I have to condense it down to only 5 artifacts and I'm having a difficult time deciding what I want to use as evidence.  

Well, this is my plan for the week.  Would love to hear what you think!  


  1. How lucky for you that you know Joanne! She and I share a common love of the exclamation point!! :)

    Seriously...that lead in the water thing terrifies me. How scary! I would be bringing in a Britta water filter pitcher. Eeekk!

    How luck for you that you have 28 days left. I think we are at 34 or something like that...I hope you have a great week & thanks for linking up!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. I would love to have a motivational countdown, but I don't know when the last day of school is yet...we've had so many snow days this year! Those artifacts look great! The sixth grade at my school does something like that where they create their own culture, but I don't teach social studies since fourth grade is departmentalized...I'm a science nerd :)
    Endeavors in Education

  3. I found a lot of great ideas on the blog hop as well! I am going to pick out some great ones in the next few weeks for our countdown!!! I love the artifacts your students are making. That is a great idea!

    Adventures in 4th Grade

  4. of Joanne's real life friends!! I just love Joanne and she is amazing! You seem pretty amazing too! :) I love those 3D social studies artifacts. How sweet of you to provide a bottle of water a week for each student. I can't wait to read more. Those levels of lead and copper are scary!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  5. I love the artifacts you are making in social studies! I am excited to have found another fourth (and third) grade blogger. I started following you on bloglovin', and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you!

    Fit to be Fourth

  6. Those artifact projects are awesome! What a great hands on learning experience. They will always remember what "artifacts" are. Thanks for sharing a creative Social Studies idea...I could use that for when we study Native Americans of TX next year.

    Ladybugs Lounge